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Domestic helper 10 hours

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As a domestic helper at EasyLife, you will receive responsibility over the household of one or multiple families in your area. You will work individually at your clients' house: in apartments, houses, villas... Depending on the hours you wish to work, combined with your knowledge and expertise, your tasks will consist of the following:

- You are responsible for all kinds of domestic tasks: vacuuming, mopping, dusting, ...

- Doing laundry, hanging and folding it

- Ironing clothes, bed sheets, towels, ...

- Doing groceries for your clients at the local supermarket

- Washing and drying the dishes

- Small repairs to clothing

- Cooking and preparing food

But your work includes more than these tasks... In many cases, you will see your clients personally when you arrive or leave. Having a little chat with your clients to keep them satisfied and to inquire about any additional wishes is a part of your tasks, too! In addition, you are regularly in contact with the EasyLife office about your planning. You will also have to inform your clients if you are sick or are going on a holiday. We value a good relationship with our clients, and the person who can influence this the most is you!

Would you like to help make (y)our clients' houses shine like a diamond? Do you want to make families happy and help them have more relax time in the evening?

We offer one of the best salary packages on the market:

- First and foremost, at Easy Life we offer a competitive wage that is indexed on a regular basis.

- Because you are legally in order, you are building up a pension, so that you also have an income later on.

- We offer vacation allowance AND an end-of-year bonus, so you'll have a little extra money to spend during your days off.

- Reimbursement for transport: all our colleagues who use public transport receive a public transport pass that they can also use on weekends and evenings. Would you rather use the bike or the car? No problem. In that case we will give you a bike or transport reimbursement.

- We also reimburse you for the time between two clients. In addition, we consider your place of residence and travel options when searching for compatible clients.

- We provide work clothes, or give you additional reimbursement for this.

- Comprehensive health insurance covers you for the moments when you're not doing well. On top of that, you have the possibility to have your children and other family members sign up too, at a very advantageous rate.

- If we are unable to find you a client for a certain day, you are economically unemployed, won't come into work, but still get paid.

- At EasyLife, you can determine your own work hours. Would you rather work part-time and not on Wednesdays? No problem! Let us know what you want and we will provide a tailored work schedule.

- Would you like to receive additional training, or are you inexperienced as domestic service provider? We provide basic training for everyone, in which customer orientation, work organisation and product knowledge are the main focus. In addition, we have several coaches who come to the workplace to help you learn new techniques and give useful tips.

- Last but not least: at EasyLife, you are working for a company that puts the employee first. We won't treat you like a number. As domestic helper, you are the most important link in our company, both for us and for the client. Your work and value are therefore highly appreciated.

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