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Together with 2000 colleagues, we make Flanders shine like a diamond




Together with 2000 colleagues, we make Flanders shine like a diamond

Tailored work hours: at EasyLife, you determine your own work schedule! Would you like to work 15, 20, ...38 hours a week? You decide and we make a schedule according to your preferences. Do you need to be at home for the kids on Wednesday afternoon and like to start the week on Tuesdays? It's possible at EasyLife.

Work in your own neighbourhood: we make sure you get clients in your own neighbourhood, so that you are not on the road or in a traffic jam for hours. This way, you will have more time for your kids and family and more free time.

Best salary package on the market: aside from a competitive hourly salary, we also provide loads of other benefits. If you work at EasyLife, you know that you are legally in order: you build up a pension so that you also have income later on, you receive vacation allowance, an end-of-year bonus, reimbursement for transport, compensation for the time between two clients, work clothes or a compensation for work clothes, regular training, on-the-job coaching and comprehensive health insurance for periods when you aren't doing well.

Would you like to receive additional training, or are you inexperienced as domestic service provider? We provide basic training for everyone, in which customer orientation, work organisation and product knowledge are the main focus. In addition, we have several coaches who come to the workplace to help you learn new techniques and give useful tips.

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Reviews of colleagues


Fun job! I am always in contact with a lot of people and I can work in my own town! This way I can pick up my kids from school on my way home from work!


Fun company! Nice people who work there at the offices and I always get payed on time! Super!


I am working for Easy Life for two years already and have my own personal clients! Very sweet people! I really love this job!